Jan 4, 2011

Season 2, Episode 1: Back in the saddle

Wipe away your tears. Hide your children. Especially hide our exes. Because POCKETFUL OF AWESOME IS BACK!

Where have we been for nine months? There's only one way to find out: Strap on your ear buds, brew some strong coffee, and crank up the volume on your computer/iPod/whatever, because you're about to lose another hour-plus of your life.

In today's episode:
  • New third chair (or second chair, if you were in the room) Scott MacDonald joins Pj and Mike, and shenanigans ensue
  • We discuss how technology designed to make our lives easier ... doesn't
  • Pj finally fixes the busted CD player ... permanently
  • The untold story behind Scott and Mike's first meeting (and Pj and Mike's as well) is revealed
  • We mourn Kenny Guinn's passing
  • Pj attempts to evade copyright lawsuits
  • We talk shoes. Yes, dudes talking shoes
  • Amazingly, this is all done sober
  • Pj shouts-out the AudioShocker podcast
Oh god, just listen. This may be our most offensive, senseless, gut-busting podcast yet.

Now go listen: DOWNLOAD MP3

Pocketful of Awesome season 02 episode 01 by pjperez

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