Mar 8, 2010

Episode 3: Off the Sauce

So after a week hiatus (plus a few extra days for editing), we're back. And off the sauce. Yes, Episode 3 of the world's most awesome podcast features Mike and Pj talking ... completely sober. And look: The episode comes in at just over an hour. It's amazing what some clarity can do. Here's what you can expect to hear when you cue up this week's podcast:
  • A recap of drunken shenanigans at Mike's birthday bash, including the story behind the awesomely inappropriate gift Pj got Mike (see above)
  • A brief explanation of the technical nightmare that went into making Episode 3.
  • Fecal vomit.
  • Why an arts & entertainment journalist and comic book writer is neither a pop culture aficionado nor a certified geek
  • Local music spotlight on Slow to Surface, who will be appearing at 9 p.m. on March 11 at Boomer's with Warner Drive, Picture Pilot and more.
  • Ask the Awesome: Someone wants to know the untold origin of Pj's name. So here it is. Pay attention, because we're only telling ONCE.
Remember, we thrive on your comments and questions, and we're looking for what YOU want to hear on future episodes, so hit us up here in the comments section, on Facebook or via the ol' Twitter.