Feb 22, 2010

Give unto us your questions and stuff

Man, I hope this doesn't jack up the iTunes feed.

Anyway, there won't be a new show this Thursday as Mikey and I had a pile of stuff happening in our respective, glamorous lives this past week that prevented our weekly Vulcan mindmeld. But have no fear: We will be recording Episode 3 this weekend, possibly even "taping" a portion direct from Mike's sure-to-be-redonkulous birthday fete on Saturday.

As you may have noticed last week, we unveiled a new segment on the podcast called "Ask The Awesome." This is where you come in: You ask us a question. We answer (or try to) on the show. WHAMMO. Post it as a response here, on Twitter with the hashtag #pocketfulofawesome, or as a wall post on our Facebook page. Whatever, just get us your questions.

We'll also gladly take your suggestions for both topics and guests, as we know there's only so much of our two voices you can take every week (no, that's a lie).

So there you go. Stay sexy, people.

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