Feb 18, 2010

Episode 2: Revenge of the Tangent

After a most excellent launch last week, in which dozens of you actually spent an hour and a half listening to Mike and I fall in love over and over again with the sound of our own voices (thank you!!), we're back with what may go down in history as the shoddiest excuse for a podcast calling itself awesome ever made.

We can blame the technology (we did), we can blame the liquor (we did), but whatever it was, we ended up recording more than two hours of off-topic, giggling, rambling, bleary-eyed nonsense. Somehow, we whittled it down to another 1.5 hours of pure awesome. You'll find yourself giggling too, we hope, as you listen to our takes on:
  • Governor Jim Gibbon's State of the State address
  • UNLV walk-out protest of state education budget cuts
  • Exene Cervenka's performance at the Beauty Bar
  • Verbal abuse from kids on Xbox Live
  • Glenn Danzig ... like a back fist to the brain!
  • Henry Rollins' birthday
  • Music: Drag the River
  • The untold story of Mike's "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" appearance
  • Music: White Lies
  • Ask the Awesome: Talking little people clothes … because we care
  • Law & Order's overbearing score and Twitchfest
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