Feb 11, 2010

Episode 1: Enter the Awesome

The wait is over! Pocketful of Awesome is go!

Yes, attached somewhere to this post is the "podcast that is the most awesome on the internet ever." Yes, that is an actual quote from the inaugural episode. Somewhere within the one hour and 39 minutes or so of pure audio awesomeness, you'll hear Mikey Vegas and Pj Perez discuss the following nonsense:
  • The origin of Pocketful of Awesome
  • Nevada's budget crisis
  • Nevada's whiny response President Obama's off-the-cuff Vegas comment
  • The irrelevance of the Grammy Awards
  • Concert-going in the 21st Century
  • Music from the Ike Reilly Assassination, P.O.S. and Muse
  • Special appearances by Malcolm X
  • Mike and Pj explore their illicit love just about every 10 minutes
If that's not enough, we also somehow brought up the Super Bowl, Las Vegas' Place Gallery, Miss America and why Pj was a dick in high school. To be honest, guys, this episode was fueled by coffee, Dunkin' Donuts, Patron Silver and Jumping Cow Amber Ale, so we may just have been buzzed and rambling. But if you hold out for the full hour and a half, we guarantee you a money shot toward the end you won't soon forget ... or get out of your hair.


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