Jan 4, 2011

Season 2, Episode 1: Back in the saddle

Wipe away your tears. Hide your children. Especially hide our exes. Because POCKETFUL OF AWESOME IS BACK!

Where have we been for nine months? There's only one way to find out: Strap on your ear buds, brew some strong coffee, and crank up the volume on your computer/iPod/whatever, because you're about to lose another hour-plus of your life.

In today's episode:
  • New third chair (or second chair, if you were in the room) Scott MacDonald joins Pj and Mike, and shenanigans ensue
  • We discuss how technology designed to make our lives easier ... doesn't
  • Pj finally fixes the busted CD player ... permanently
  • The untold story behind Scott and Mike's first meeting (and Pj and Mike's as well) is revealed
  • We mourn Kenny Guinn's passing
  • Pj attempts to evade copyright lawsuits
  • We talk shoes. Yes, dudes talking shoes
  • Amazingly, this is all done sober
  • Pj shouts-out the AudioShocker podcast
Oh god, just listen. This may be our most offensive, senseless, gut-busting podcast yet.

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Pocketful of Awesome season 02 episode 01 by pjperez

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Mar 8, 2010

Episode 3: Off the Sauce

So after a week hiatus (plus a few extra days for editing), we're back. And off the sauce. Yes, Episode 3 of the world's most awesome podcast features Mike and Pj talking ... completely sober. And look: The episode comes in at just over an hour. It's amazing what some clarity can do. Here's what you can expect to hear when you cue up this week's podcast:
  • A recap of drunken shenanigans at Mike's birthday bash, including the story behind the awesomely inappropriate gift Pj got Mike (see above)
  • A brief explanation of the technical nightmare that went into making Episode 3.
  • Fecal vomit.
  • Why an arts & entertainment journalist and comic book writer is neither a pop culture aficionado nor a certified geek
  • Local music spotlight on Slow to Surface, who will be appearing at 9 p.m. on March 11 at Boomer's with Warner Drive, Picture Pilot and more.
  • Ask the Awesome: Someone wants to know the untold origin of Pj's name. So here it is. Pay attention, because we're only telling ONCE.
Remember, we thrive on your comments and questions, and we're looking for what YOU want to hear on future episodes, so hit us up here in the comments section, on Facebook or via the ol' Twitter.


Feb 22, 2010

Give unto us your questions and stuff

Man, I hope this doesn't jack up the iTunes feed.

Anyway, there won't be a new show this Thursday as Mikey and I had a pile of stuff happening in our respective, glamorous lives this past week that prevented our weekly Vulcan mindmeld. But have no fear: We will be recording Episode 3 this weekend, possibly even "taping" a portion direct from Mike's sure-to-be-redonkulous birthday fete on Saturday.

As you may have noticed last week, we unveiled a new segment on the podcast called "Ask The Awesome." This is where you come in: You ask us a question. We answer (or try to) on the show. WHAMMO. Post it as a response here, on Twitter with the hashtag #pocketfulofawesome, or as a wall post on our Facebook page. Whatever, just get us your questions.

We'll also gladly take your suggestions for both topics and guests, as we know there's only so much of our two voices you can take every week (no, that's a lie).

So there you go. Stay sexy, people.

Feb 18, 2010

Episode 2: Revenge of the Tangent

After a most excellent launch last week, in which dozens of you actually spent an hour and a half listening to Mike and I fall in love over and over again with the sound of our own voices (thank you!!), we're back with what may go down in history as the shoddiest excuse for a podcast calling itself awesome ever made.

We can blame the technology (we did), we can blame the liquor (we did), but whatever it was, we ended up recording more than two hours of off-topic, giggling, rambling, bleary-eyed nonsense. Somehow, we whittled it down to another 1.5 hours of pure awesome. You'll find yourself giggling too, we hope, as you listen to our takes on:
  • Governor Jim Gibbon's State of the State address
  • UNLV walk-out protest of state education budget cuts
  • Exene Cervenka's performance at the Beauty Bar
  • Verbal abuse from kids on Xbox Live
  • Glenn Danzig ... like a back fist to the brain!
  • Henry Rollins' birthday
  • Music: Drag the River
  • The untold story of Mike's "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" appearance
  • Music: White Lies
  • Ask the Awesome: Talking little people clothes … because we care
  • Law & Order's overbearing score and Twitchfest
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Feb 11, 2010

Episode 1: Enter the Awesome

The wait is over! Pocketful of Awesome is go!

Yes, attached somewhere to this post is the "podcast that is the most awesome on the internet ever." Yes, that is an actual quote from the inaugural episode. Somewhere within the one hour and 39 minutes or so of pure audio awesomeness, you'll hear Mikey Vegas and Pj Perez discuss the following nonsense:
  • The origin of Pocketful of Awesome
  • Nevada's budget crisis
  • Nevada's whiny response President Obama's off-the-cuff Vegas comment
  • The irrelevance of the Grammy Awards
  • Concert-going in the 21st Century
  • Music from the Ike Reilly Assassination, P.O.S. and Muse
  • Special appearances by Malcolm X
  • Mike and Pj explore their illicit love just about every 10 minutes
If that's not enough, we also somehow brought up the Super Bowl, Las Vegas' Place Gallery, Miss America and why Pj was a dick in high school. To be honest, guys, this episode was fueled by coffee, Dunkin' Donuts, Patron Silver and Jumping Cow Amber Ale, so we may just have been buzzed and rambling. But if you hold out for the full hour and a half, we guarantee you a money shot toward the end you won't soon forget ... or get out of your hair.


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